ZT Technology Solutions Switching Center of Excellence provides you with all your technical support needs, including recovery, maintenance, engineering and configuration assistance on all Genband (formerly Nortel) legacy equipment.

The Genband (formerly Nortel) DMS-10TM switch,  is composed of three basic types of hardware: bays, shelves, and circuit packs. This hardware is assembled into various types of equipment. These different equipment types are then arranged to produce different DMS-10 system configurations.

ZT Technology Solutions can provide maintenance, provisioning, and troubleshooting or recovery of a DMS-10TM system, no matter what the configuration.

No DMS-10TM is too old for support by ZT Technology’s personnel. The span of the staff’s experience spans from the early days and introduction of the 200 generic switches, up to the 600 generic switches. Also, do you have a 1-bay or 2-bay system in a remote location? ZT personnel also have the knowledge base for that.

ZT can provide around-the-clock support for your DMS-10TM needs.



♦   DMS-10TM Carrier Class Switching System (320 ISDN PRI links or more than 20,000 lines) (First “production” class 5 digital switch installed in the North American public telephone network)

♦   DMS-10TM RLCM (640 line remote)

♦   DMS-10TM RSLE (520 line remote)

♦   DMS-10TM RSLM (640 line remote)

♦   DMS-10TM S (super small DMS-10 for very small exchanges, less than 640 lines)

♦   DMS-10TM M (prepackaged DMS-10, a Community Dial Office in a pre-packaged container/”box”)

♦   CS1500/C15 Call Session Controller

* – ZT Technology Solutions is an independent company and has no affiliation with Genband.